Crown & Bridge

Crowns are single unit caps which wraps around the underlying tooth structure to give it extra strength. This may be required when the teeth are broken down, cracked, heavily filled or has had root canal treatment. Crowns can be made from many different materials depending on the condition and position of tooth in the mouth. In some circumstances, crowns are made for the front teeth to increase the strength and aesthetics of the teeth involved.

Bridges can be made if you have a gap between teeth (i.e. missing teeth). When you have a gap between teeth, we can place crowns on the adjacent teeth and attach a false tooth to fill the gap – we call this a bridge because the false tooth in the gap is attached to the adjacent crowns which act as a pole on each side.

Not all missing spaces can be fixed with bridges. If the size of the gap is too wide, the better alternative choice is dental implants. There are certain circumstances the dentist will recommend implants over bridges, but dental bridges are certainly a treatment option for missing teeth. Bridges require 2-visit appointment, as they are made in a lab just like crowns.

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