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The last few generations often had their teeth straightened with braces, usually as teenagers. This gave great results, improving appearance and making cleaning easier.
It is possible to have braces at any age. But in the past most adults avoided having their teeth straightened with braces, because they did not want their daily appearance compromised.
An alternative for straightening teeth without braces is Invisalign. This works for most straightening application, but is far less visible than braces.

Invisalign Dundas

Invisalign works to straighten teeth with a series of clear plastic retainers, rather like small mouthguards.
The Invisalign treatment is popular with adult patients because it is hardly noticeable. And the clear retainers are removed for eating. They may initially affect speech slightly, but patient quickly get use to them. And they may learn to speak more clearly.

Patients are fitted with a new clear aligner every few weeks. Each aligner brings the teeth a little closer to their ideal alignment. After a period of a year or two, depending on the degree of alignment needed for the individual patient, the teeth more into place.

There is far less pain and discomfort with Invisalign than there is with braces. The only drawback is that invisalign will not help with severe alignment problems. Invisalign is suited to moderate and minor orthodontic tooth alignment issues.

The technology behind Invisalign was developed in the 1990s, aided greatly by modern computer design and computer modelling of the mouth, something not possible a generation earlier. The patients who uses Invisalign in the year 2000 and after still have neatly aligned teeth today. So the long term results of the Invisalign treatment has now been proven.

  • Almost invisible.
  • Quite comfortable, far more so then traditional braces.
  • Removable for eating.
  • There is no real restriction on what you eat, as long as you clean teeth afterwards.
  • Easy to clean both the teeth and the retainer.
  • Only requires brief dental visits for each new aligner.
  • There are very few issues with allergies or contraindications.
  • It is easy to visualise the tooth alignment progress.

Invisalign or Braces Dundas Dental

Both our appearance and our dental health are improved with straight teeth. The sooner we have our teeth neatly aligned the longer we can enjoy the benefits. Straight teeth can last a lifetime with regular cleaning and a healthy diet.
Adult patients who do not want their appearance compromised by braces often find that they are suitable candidates for Invisalign treatment. Talk to your Dundas Dentist about the possibility for Invisalign.