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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics – Dentist Dundas

Orthodontics is the study of optimising teeth and jaw alignment. The aim is to give us neat, well functioning teeth that should also look attractive. Orthodontics may overlap other dental specialities.

Few people have naturally ideal, let alone perfect teeth, but the practice of orthodontics can give most individuals teeth and jaws that are very close to ideal.

In the past orthodontics was almost entirely practised on teenagers, usually when their permanent teeth first emerged. But now about 30% of orthodontics is performed on adults, who presumably could not have the treatment when they were teens.

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Orthodontics deals with improper teeth positioning. This may involve underbite, overbite, crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth or a jaw alignment. These issues can cause tooth wear and difficulty with cleaning. occasionally they may cause difficult with speaking or breathing at night. Orthodontics can move individual teeth and the position of the jaw to some extent. It often gives us a better smile, but is a desirable side effect rather than the main goal. Well functioning teeth are the aim of orthodontics.

Children should have an orthodontic treatment at around 7 years of age. This will determine if the might need braces or other treatment latter on. Sometimes the child will need no treatment, or perhaps some early preventative measures on the baby teeth will parlay the need for orthodontic work in their teens.

It is usually best to have orthodontic work done in the teens, once the permanent teeth have first appeared. But it is never too late to have more orthodontic work done.

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There is no reason not to have the best teeth possible. see your dentist and orthodontist for a smile you will be proud to have.


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