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What Is a Root Canal?

Root Canal Treatment – Newington Dentist

There is a lot stigma surrounding root canal treatments. Popular culture would have us believe they are torture. But this is very misleading. While an infected root canal is often quite painful the treatment is only moderately awkward, and actually removes the pain in the tooth.

Infected Teeth – Dental Newington

Our teeth consist of several layers. We can broadly divide this into the outer hard enamel, the softer inner pulp, and the living inner nerve of the tooth.
Occasionally the inner nerve of a tooth becomes infected, probably because the tooth is badly damaged or because the surrounding gum is infected. This infected nerve can often be painful. If the nerve is too badly damaged it will need to be entirely removed. This is a root canal treatment.

Diligent brushing and flossing will reduce the chances of an infected tooth. But very occasionally an infection occurs despite our best efforts. Once the nerve is badly infected it will need a root canal.

A root canal might be needed if:

– You suffer tooth decay or acid wear
– Periodontitis (Advanced gum disease)
– Trauma from a sports injury or other impact.
– A cracked filling or other dental restoration
– Damage from grinding or clenching teeth (bruxism)

If the tooth has a cavity or any sign of damage it is best to have this treated as soon as possible. A solid filling now can prevent the need of a root canal later on.

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You should make a dental appointment if you experience:

– Sudden toothache or pain when biting or chewing
– Teeth that are sensitive to hot, cold food and drinks
– The tooth feels loose
– The tooth has a dark colour
– Swollen or tender gums near a tooth
– Facial or Neck Swelling
– An abscess on the gum of a mouth sore with pus

Occasionally the tooth appears fine, but a dental X-ray will show a serious issue.

Root Canal Treatment – Newington Dentist

A Root Canal Treatment will save the tooth, removing the nerve but keeping the outer enamel. This requires a few appointments, but the procedure is not especially difficult, not much worse than a regular filling. After a few days the tooth will feel normal again, and function correctly as it did before.

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We want everybody to have the best teeth possible. If you experience any problems have us check them promptly. Quick treatment gives the best outcome.


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