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What are Three Common Problems That Dentist Fix?

Wisdom Teeth Rydalmere

Most people will suffer some wisdom teeth issues.

Wisdom teeth are the very back molars that come through when we are in our late teens or early twenties. Often there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate these extra four teeth, so they often are removed.

Wisdom tooth removal is awkward; even though the operation under anesthetic is painless the removed teeth with cause bleeding gums and pain for about a week. But one the individual has recovered the problem will be permanently gone.

If you have pain behind you back teeth, or the gums swell, or if there are wisdom teeth partly buried under the gum, you probably need the wisdom teeth removed.

Implant Dundas

Some of us suffer a damaged tooth, or a tooth that never really formed correctly. So we many need one of more teeth replaced.

A few generations ago teeth could only be replaced by dentures, which we always a little awkward. Later an artificial replacement tooth could be produced by bridging the space tooth between two adjacent teeth. But this damaged the adjacent teeth, and was still less than ideal.

Implants are the modern solution. They replace the entire tooth, using a metal post and a realistic looking artificial tooth. This new tooth looks and feels natural, you will soon forget there was any work done.

Invisalign Dundas

Many of us had our teeth straightened with braces as teenagers. But a few of us have crooked teeth as adult, either because we never had braces as teens, or because the teeth moved back after the braces came off. Crooked teeth might just look slightly odd, or they might cause problems with chewing, speaking or perhaps tooth wear.

Invisalign can straighten teeth. It uses a series of clean plastic mouth-guards that put gentle yet persistent pressure on the teeth, slowly pushing them into alignment.

Invisalign is reasonably comfortable, far more so than braces, and can be removed for eating and drinking. They are also quite discrete, not as visible as braces.

Dentist Newington

Are your teeth less than ideal? Dentists can give you a smile you want to show off, and the results can last a lifetime.


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