There are many causes of toothache. It is always a symptom of a problem/ toothache that requires professional treatment or at least professional advice. While proper cleaning and good health goes a long way to preventing the problems that cause toothache even the most diligent brusher may suffer the occasional problems.

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Toothaches come in many forms, though none of them is pleasant. Some aches are mild, some are so severe that they prevent the individual from being able to adequately function. The pain of a toothache may be intermittent, or continuous. It may throb, or it may only occur with hot or cold temperatures (sensitive tooth). Else the paint may only occur under physical pressure.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell exactly where the pain is coming from. It might be the tooth or gum, or even deeper inside the jaw.

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Any toothache pain is most likely felt in the soft pulp of a tooth’s insides, though gums and jaws might also cause similar pain.

Tooth Decay – if decay breaks down the outer tooth’s enamel, forming a cavity, then the tooth’s inner nerve will be exposed and cause pain. This will require at least a filling. If the pulp in the tooth is infected then a root canal treatment will also be necessary.

Cracked tooth- A tooth can become cracked because of an accidental impact, or from very cold temperatures. This will cause pain when chewing or biting.
A cracked tooth is very prone to decay because it is difficult to clean.

Thin enamel – If the enamel of a tooth has grown thin, either from over-brushing or exposure to acidic liquids, then it will be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

Some toothpaste will greatly reduce the sensitivity of teeth. But these take a week or more to be fully effective. Always consult the dentist about sensitive teeth.

An abscess – This is a serious infection either in the gum or tooth. It requires serious dental treatment lest it leads to bone and tooth loss.

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Wisdom teeth are notorious for not emerging properly. A wisdom tooth that is partly or fully buried in the gum will often be painful. These teeth are often removed.

Sinus problems can cause an ache that feels like a toothache in the upper jaw. While this pain is real it is one of the few dental pains that are not too serious. If the sinus problem (perhaps just the flu) clears up the pain in the upper teeth will disappear. Talk to a doctor if this continues for more than a day or two.

Damaged filling- a former filling can be painful if the tooth suffers more decay. The dentist will need to fix the filling, and the patient will need to take more thorough cleaning measures.

Teeth grinding can cause problems by steadily wearing away teeth. This can make the teeth very sensitive.

Jaw alignment problems can cause problem pain, especially if the misalignment causes the individual trouble when chewing or speaking. This may require long-term orthodontic treatment.


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