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Teeth That Have Gone Yellow

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The bright white teeth we see in popular magazines are often not real. Very few people have a Hollywood smile. But most people do tend to find this type of smile to be attractive. In truth, white teeth tend to be a fair sign of good dental health, but not a definitive one. Occasionally the teeth look might good, but still suffer problems. In other people the teeth might look off-colour, ever as they are actually quite healthy.


The most common form of tooth discolouration is yellow teeth. This might only be an aesthetic concern. The teeth might well be healthy. But looking good is a genuine concern. And if our teeth really do look bad then our confidence and social life are affected.


Cause of Yellow Teeth – Newington Dentist

Our teeth might be yellow for several different reasons. The cause might be intrinsic (Internal to our body) or Extrinsic (an external cause).

Intrinsic Yellowing of Teeth

Genetic – Our natural tooth colour might be yellow, or reddish-brown to grey. Like hair and skin colour this runs in the family.

Age – The tooth enamel will thin over time, so the dentin behind the enamel starts to show through. As the dentin is yellow so in makes the teeth appear to be slightly yellow.


External Yellowing of Teeth

Wear and Tear – Over time the tooth enamel will tend to thin, exposing the yellow dentin beneath. This process will be more rapid if we consume acidic drinks and harsh food.

Poor Oral Hygiene – If plaque builds upon teeth it will quickly turn to tartar, which has the off-white yellow colour. This process can occur in less than 48 hours, so we should brush twice daily.

Smoking – This will cause yellow teeth.

Food and Drink Stains – Some food will stain some teeth, though it varies greatly between individuals.

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soft drinks, especially cola.
  • Red wine
  • Sport drinks
  • Fruit juice
  • Tomato paste or sauces
  • Curries
  • Soy sauce
  • Berries
  • Beetroot
  • Vinegars

Fluoride – While externally applied fluoride is good for teeth it is unhealth to have too much in the diet. It can cause fluorosis – discoloured spots on teeth.


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We deserve the best teeth possible. This applies to health and appearance. Talk to us if you feel your teeth could be better.





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