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Oatlands Dental – Sports Mouthguards

There are a few types of different mouthguards, which all serve different purposes. Sport mouthguards are designed to protect our teeth in case of an accident. These accidents occur from time to time in many contact sports. A mouthguard will not prevent the accident, but they can greatly reduce the extent of the injury.

There are a few sub-types of sports mouthguards. Generic mouthguards are cheap, but they will never be a perfect fit as everybody’s teeth are unique. ‘Boil and bite’ mouthguards are an improvement. These are heated in water when first used, and will mostly adapt to the shape of the teeth when they are bitten into. But the better option is the custom-made mouthguard from the dentist.

A custom mouth guard is moulded to the individual’s teeth. This costs more, but the results are worthwhile. And the cost is moderate when you consider the other equipment needed to most sports. A custom mouthguard will:

• Fit comfortably, yet not be loose
• Allow you to breathe easily, and not compromise speech too much
• Not cause a gag reflex
• Not have any appreciable taste or smell
• Keep the teeth in place in the event of an accident

Sport mouthguards are worth the investment. Injuries to the face do occur, and if we do not have the protective equipment then the extent of the injury can be severe and expensive. Sometimes they can be life threatening. A mouth can reduce potentially severe injuries to minor injuries.

Oatlands Dental – Other mouthguards

Dentists do make other mouthguards for purposes other than sport. Some people use a mouthguard when sleeping to help them breathe. Or they might need this to prevent them from grinding their teeth. Mouthguards, such as Invisalign, are also used for straightening teeth. Unfortunately, these are not suitable for sports protection.

The mouthguard should be cleaned after each use. Toothpaste and mouthwash do a good job of this. Scrub the mouthguard with a toothbrush (use a different brush to clean your teeth with). Alternately, Bi Carb of soda and water can be used to make a paste for cleaning the mouthguard.

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Mouthguards reduce sports, so they are worth the investment.. A custom mouthguard made by the dentist is the best option.


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