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It is a mistake to just fix problems after they occur. Of course if there is a problem we should deal with is as quickly as possible, and in the best manner possible. But it is better to prevent problems, to be proactive so there are fewer problems to deal with.

We all understand the basic idea here. Prevention is better than cure. And we all understand the basics of how this applies to dental work – twice daily brushing and flossing will greatly reduce dental problems. But of course we can go beyond this.

Dentist Sydney – The Basic Daily Care

Twice daily brushing goes a long way to preventing gum disease and tooth decay. In fact, without this brushing all our other efforts are wasted. The physical action of the toothbrush removes bacteria, plaque and food debris from the teeth. The toothpaste will also fight bacteria. And if it contains fluoride (as it should) then it will help harden tooth enamel.

Flossing the teeth is almost as important as brushing. About 30% of the tooth surface is between the teeth. Brushing will not reach this surface, but flossing will. Alternately, we can use a Waterpik device to clean between the teeth.

Dentist Sydney – Nutrition.

Our diet is often overlooked, at least in terms of how it affects our teeth. Ever wonder how many people had perfect teeth before the invention of the toothbrush? If their diet has low in sugar, with plenty of natural food, then there was almost no decay. We could greatly improve our dental health by cutting our sugar and junk food. Unfortunately, most of us are used to the diet we have, and will be reluctant to change to an all vegetable and lean meat plate. Still, reducing sugar and junk food will have some benefits.

Brushing will mostly remove the effects of a bad diet, but not entirely. We need to be healthy at several levels.

Water is healthy at several levels. It benefits dental health by keeping the teeth clean.

Dentist Sydney Prevention.

While clean teeth are far healthier, there are some occasional dental issues that cleanliness cannot prevent. Our teeth might be crooked, or we might prematurely lose a baby tooth. If this is addressed by a dentist early on the issue can often be fixed. Losing a baby tooth too soon can lead to the permanent teeth moving into the space where the baby tooth was. This leads to ongoing problems. But if the dentist put a spacer in place of the lost tooth the issues can almost always be avoided, or at least reduced. Crooked teeth can be fixed by braces where we are teens. This will give us straight teeth for our entire adult life. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean.

Dentist Sydney

Preventative dentistry aims to keep our teeth healthy, preventing issues. Have regular dental appointments for professional advice.


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