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Our Ordeal with Wisdom Teeth

Backstory of Wisdom Teeth Rydalmere

Most of us have wisdom teeth at emerge when we are in our late teens or early twenties, long after our other adult teeth have come through. But this is not universal. Some people never develop wisdom teeth. Some find that their wisdom teeth never emerge from the jaw. About 25% of the western world find that one or more of the wisdom teeth never emerged. In some countries like Mexico most people never develop any wisdom teeth. In many African and some European nations almost all individuals develop wisdom teeth, but they rarely have problems as their jawbones are slightly larger.

Problems with Wisdom Teeth Rydalmere

Herein lies the problem. Most of us find that there is not enough room in our mouth when the extra wisdom teeth emerge. So either the new teeth push the old teeth aside, or they do not full emerge from the gum. Symptoms of this include.

⦁ Gum irritation
⦁ Bleeding gums
⦁ Bad breath
⦁ Unpleasant taste in the mouth while eating
⦁ Jaw pain
⦁ Swelling in the jaw
⦁ Difficulty opening the mouth
⦁ Swollen neck lymph nodes

People with slightly larger jaws or smaller teeth often do not need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Diet in our infancy seems to affect our issues with wisdom teeth latter on. If we eat slightly tougher foods that require chewing when we are young (perhaps 2 years old) then our jawbones increase slightly in size. This means there will be enough room for the wisdom teeth in latter life. A diet of soft food means the jawbones remain slightly smaller, and there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth latter on.

Solutions and Wisdom Teeth Rydalmere

Often the wisdom teeth cause so many problems they will need to be extracted. This is an awkward procedure, and it requires pain medication and some recovery time. But the good news is that complications are rare. And it only ever needs to be done once. We recommend taking a day or two off work, and eating soft food for a week. After this the gums and jaws will soon heal themselves.

Wisdom Teeth Rydalmere

Many of us will need our wisdom teeth removed. If you experience jaw pain, swelling or partly emerging molars talk to the dentist.


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