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Night Breathing

Night Breathing

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We all need sleep in order to survive. If our sleep is compromised then every aspect of our life is compromised. We will lack energy, suffer poor memory and impaired thinking, and be prone to many illnesses because of a compromised immune system.

Some if us get enough hours in bed, but suffer poor sleep because we breathe poorly. Either we snore or our breathing stops and starts. This causes us to partially wake up during the night. Under these circumstances we get little actual sleep, so we suffer tiredness for the nest few days. If suffered long term these conditions can be fatal.

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Moderate night breathing conditions can be treated by the dentist. We may snore because we cannot breath though our nose while lying down. And we may not be able to breath through our mouth because the airways are blocked, not that breathing though our mouth is ever the right thing to do.

Dentist can make a mouth-guard that holds the jaw in the correct position for breathing at night. This may mean holding the jaw closed so that we breathe through the nose, or holding the lower jaw forward so that the airways are clear.

Some breathing problems are caused, or at least exacerbated, by being overweight. Losing weight can fix this issue, though losing weight is very difficult for some people.

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Sleep apnea is a night breathing problem where the individuals stops breathing for extended periods of time, perhaps a minute or two. This causes a multitude of health problems, including heart problems and an increase risk of stroke. It can be fatal in itself.

Sleep Apnea is treated with an electrical breathing mask that forces warm moist air into the airways.

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Breathing through the mouth, especially at night, leaves us with dry teeth and gums. This greatly raises the problems with decay and infections as the bacteria thrive in these dry conditions. Measures that help us breathe through the nose will greatly reduce the risk of gum and tooth problems.

Night breathing

A mouth-guard may may nose breathing easier
A nasal strip will keep the nostrils open. Available at chemists or on eBay.
In extreme cases a CPAP breathing mask is used.

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Is you suspect night breathing problem, which may led to tooth decay and gum infections, the see the dentist. A custom mouth-guard is the first remedy to try.


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