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New Years Resolutions

Advice from Newington Dental

Consistency is important for dental health. While we can have the occasional cheat day we should maintain good habits. If we haven’t always done this in the past we can at least start now, and reap the benefits. It is well worthwhile for the improvement in our dental and
overall health.

A Healthier Diet- Of course a good diet benefits your weight, and cardiovascular health. Its worth dieting just for this. An additional advantage is the lower sugar, which means less tooth decay.
Increase fruit and vegetables, and cut down on processed foods.

Better Brushing – We should brush twice a day, and be thorough. But we should also wait 30 minutes after eating and drinking before brushing. This is because food and drink will soften the enamel, which can then be easily damaged by brushing. Drink water before brushing, and wait that 30 minutes.

Consistent Flossing – Almost 30% of the exposed tooth surface is between the teeth. This will accumulate plaque, and is prone to catching food debris. We cannot afford to neglect this area. It must be cleaned by flossing or another method.
We should floss once per day. An alternative, if you don’t like flossing, is a water pick. This is fine if you are prone to bleeding gums (which is a sign of not cleaning between the teeth), of if you dislike the sensation of flossing.

Don’t Smoke – This has many bad health effects, one of which is doubling the chances of gum disease.

Keep Alcohol to a Minimum – Alcohol will dry the mouth, which increases bad bacteria over time. It also increases the risk of mouth cancer. Weaker drinks, beer and wine, and preferable to straight spirits.

Safe living to prevent Injuries – If you play sports, wear a mouthguard. This won’t prevent the accident, but it will often reduce the damage.

Look after Past injuries – We may have lost a tooth to injury or negligence. And while it would have been better to keep the original tooth the dentist can replace the original with an implant or crown. This will soon feel, function and look like a natural tooth.

Look after any issues – Did you always have a slightly crooked row of teeth, or one tooth that protruded? Invisalign will straighten most types of issues over a year or two, and causes minimal inconvenience.

Teeth whitening – If your teeth are healthy you might consider making them a shade or two lighter. This cannot be done if the enamel is too thin, as it will make the teeth sensitive to hot and cold. But for most people this is not an issue.

Regular Visits to the Dentist – Visit the dentist every 6 months, and catch any potential problems early on. Prevention is better, and less expensive, than curing a problem.

Advice from Newington Dental

Good dental care will help keep us in much better health. De diligent, and visit the dentist twice yearly.


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