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Is Invisalign an Alternative to Braces?

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Braces have been used on many generations of children to give them neat functional teeth as adults. And the results that last a lifetime are well worth the few years of awkwardness in our teenage years.

Braces can be effectively used at any age, once we have all our permanent teeth. It is perfectly possible to use them on adults. But most adults do not like the look of braces, feeling that braces are a very teenage sort of thing. So they prefer an alternative means of straightening their teeth.

One alternative means of straightening teeth is Invisalign.

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Invisalign straighten teeth with a series of clear plastic retainers, which are rather like small mouth-guards. These retainers put constant pressure on the misaligned teeth, bringing them into alignment over the course of a year or two.

Invisalign has many advantages over braces. The retainers are detachable, and are removed for eating and drinking. They can also be removed for public speaking if necessary. As long as they are worn most of the time, about 22 hours of the day, they will work to straighten teeth.

Even when the Invisalign retainer is worn it is hardly noticeable. The retainer is clear, and will blend in with the teeth. An observer will only notice the Invisalign system if they are actively looking for it.

Adult patients get use to Invisalign quite quickly. It may make speaking slightly awkward at first, but individuals find they quickly get use to it. In can actually help here, encouraging us to speak more clearly.

Invisalign is not suitable for all dental situations. It cannot straighten all type of tooth alignment problems, or be used for jaw alignment problems. It is quite effective for slight to moderate tooth alignment issues, but more severe problems will require traditional braces, or perhaps lingual braces.

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Adults who do not like the look of traditional braces might be able to use lingual braces. These are similar to traditional braces, but are fitted to the back of the teeth rather than the front. This makes them virtually unnoticeable. They are awkward at first, as all braces are, but have the advantage of not affecting our appearance in any negative way.

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Neat teeth look great, give us some confidence, and are much easier to maintain. Talk to the dentist about the smile you deserve to have.


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