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How Do Dentist Close Gaps in Teeth?

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Some adults and more than a few children have gaps between their teeth. This is hardly ideal, with many patient preferring to have these gaps closed.

The correct dental term for gaps between teeth is Diastema. A few people like this look, and celebrities like Madonna and Elton John have deliberately kept the gap between the front teeth. It occasionally suits some individuals, and does not cause any real problems. But more often people find it more aesthetically pleasing to have teeth that are evenly spaced.

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Young children who still have their baby teeth often have larger gaps. Is anything this is a good sign, showing there is room for the slightly larger adult/permanent teeth. So it can be left untreated.
If children have gaps between their permanent teeth the dentist/orthodontist will often recommend braces. These are awkward at first, but they give the child neat, straight and potentially healthier teeth for their adult years. There is a consolation in having these widely spaced teeth, as there will most likely be more room when the wisdom teeth emerge latter on (usually between the ages of 17 and 25). Wisdom teeth shouldn’t be impacted if there is a little extra room in the jaws.

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Adults who wish to close the gaps between their teeth have a few options, all which have proven successful in the past.

Braces – Adults can wear braces to have their teeth moved into place. But many adults feel that braces look youthful, and wish to avoid them. They take about two years to achieve their results.

Invisalign – These are an alternative to braces. They use clear plastic mouth guards to slowly move the teeth into place. These clear mouth guards are not as noticeable as braces, and far less awkward, Best of all they are removed for eating and drinking. They take a year or two to achieve their results, though they cannot treat all of the conditions that are solved with braces, being better suited to moderate or minor dental issues.

Crowns – A crown will replace the entire outer part of a tooth. These are a little expensive, but the results are very effective, very long lasting, and the gap is removed after just a few dental visits. This is a good option if there are only one or two teeth that need alteration, like the two front teeth.

Veneers – These replace the front of the tooth with a new surface. They look realistic and last for many years. By making the veneer slightly wider than the original tooth the gaps between teeth can be removed. They are less expensive than crowns, and are a good option if several teeth, perhaps the entire front upper row, need to be altered.
Veneers can be fitted with just two dental appointments, so the results are immediate.

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Gaps in teeth will usually not cause problems. But if you prefer the look of neatly spaced teeth the dentist can recommend the best option for your situation.



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