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How Can Dentists Restore Teeth?

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Teeth are rarely ideal. They may have suffered wear over time, or damage and decay. Quite often they were never quite right to begin with. But dentists can fix and restore almost any teeth, and go a long way towards giving us an ideal mouth.
Neat, well aligned set of teeth are more than just a matter of looking good. Neat teeth are easier to keep clean, and therefore less likely to become infected and suffer decay or gum disease.

Replacing Wisdom Teeth Denistone

Wisdom teeth, the back molar in our mouth that appear in our late teens or early twenties, are prone to problems. They often do not fully emerge from the gum, making them hard to clean. And there is often not enough room in the mouth for these extra teeth to fit correctly. This means they may push the other teeth out of alignment.
In some cases the wisdom teeth are extracted, because there simply isn’t enough room in the mouth.
If the wisdom tooth is damaged it might be fixed with Inlays or a crown. A crown will replace the entire outer part of the tooth. Modern crowns are made of ziroconia, which is realistic and long lasting. An inlay is like a crown, but it only replaced the damaged part of the tooth.

Protecting Molars and Wisdom Teeth Rydalmere

Molar teeth are prone to damage on the upper chewing surface. This chewing surface is rough, and can harbour bacteria and food debris which is hard to remove even with a toothbrush.
The chewing surface of molars can be protected with a dental sealant. This fills in the tiny areas in the chewing surface so food and bacteria cannot get trapped there.
If the chewing surface is badly damaged is may be replaced with an inlay or onlay. The removes part of the tooth and replaces the resulting gap with a piece of custom shaped material, a little like a crown. It is superior to a filling, long lasting and harder to detect.

Invisalign Telopea

Permanent Adult teeth may shift out of alignment after we have our braces removed. Or they may never have been well aligned to start with. These issues can be fixed with Invisalign.
Most adults don’t like the idea of wearing braces. But they will often be willing to use Invisalign. This is a series of small, clear mouthguards that can correct most moderate tooth alignment problems. Invisalign is unnoticable and can be removed for eating and drinking.

Dentist Newington

Are you teeth less than ideal? Dentists can restore damaged teeth and fix many problems either aquired or congenital.


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