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First Time Visit Anxiety

First Time Visit Anxiety

Newington Dental

We understand dental patients’ dread and fear of going to their dental appointment. Whether it be because it’s their first visit to a dental clinic or from previous bad experiences.
Here at Dental On Victoria, we have a family-orientated mind-set (that’s why there’s no need to worry). Not only within our surgery but when dealing with our patients too. We desire to be of great assistance to you on your visit. Remember, our dental service can be had with the assurance that you are being taken care of by highly skilled and extensively experienced dentist at Dental Focus.

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Don’t worry, as our highly qualified and professional dentists have extensive experience and are highly skilled. Our team of professional dentist can absolutely take care of you. Each appointment plan is catered for your special needs, that’s to help achieve the perfect treatment you envision; it may be a simple cleaning, an implant, or cosmetic enhancements — whatever it might be, professional care is ensured at Dentist on Victoria

Relax and expect to be spoilt by us, as we make sure to look after you..

Emergency Dentistry Dundas

During a time that you’re in pain, in shock or extremely concerned with the health of your teeth, we assure you we will prioritize your treatment and general comfort.

  • Reasons for an emergency appointment:
  • Wisdom teeth pain (before or after removal)
  • Accident lose of tooth
  • Severe infection
  • Pain brought about by gum disease or infection
  • Continuous pain after an implant/root canal treatment
  • Tooth chipped brought about by an accident

Dundas Dental

What you can do during after hours:

Take 2 Nurofen tablets (400mgs) every 3-4 hours for temporary relief and call us immediately. If a child is under 6yrs of age and is in severe pain, take them to the Children’s Hospital.

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