Damaged tooth Carlingford Dentist

Damaged tooth Carlingford Dentist

Damage of loss of a tooth in unfortunate. But there are some options for repairing and replacing a Natural tooth.

In only the inside of a tooth is damaged the tooth might be preserved with a root canal. A root canal will remove the inner pulp and allow main external body of the tooth to be preserved. Only the nerve is removed the rest of the tooth can be saved.

Implant Carlingford Dentist

If a natural tooth is lost completely or damaged beyond repair it can be replaced with an implant.

Dental implants consist of a realistic porcelain tooth fitted over a titanium post. The titanium post bonds to the patient’s jawbone, providing sturdy support for the porcelain crown.

Dental Implants look and function like a natural tooth. They can be colour matched other teeth. They feel natural, as if the original tooth has been restored.

Implants require the same general maintenance as regular teeth – they must be brushed and flossed twice daily. Failure to do so will risk gum infections. With this basic maintenance a dental implant will last many decades

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