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Bleeding Gums are a Bad Sign

Oatlands Dental On Bleeding Gums

More than few of us will experience bleeding gums from time to time. This is unpleasant at best, and at worst a sign of a serious infection. It could be a sign that we have gum disease.

If you do suffer bleeding gums then we recommend having the situation checked by the dentist. If it is Gum Disease then the problem can be reversed if caught and treated in the early stages.

Common Causes of Bleeding Gums – Oatlands Dental

There are several reasons why we might experience bleeding gums.

Brushing too Hard – Our gums are soft flesh, and can be worn or cut quite easily. A toothbrush with hard bristles will quickly cause wear on teeth, and the gums to bleed. So hard bristle brushes should always be avoided. Alternately, pressing hard when brushing with even a soft bristle brush can cause gums to bleed. Soft brushing with a soft bristle brush is the correct, effective method.

Dietary Deficiencies – If we lack vitamins C or K we will be prone, amid other health concerns, to bleeding gums. More fruit and vegetables in the diet will quickly solve this issue.

Hormone Changes – We all experience some hormone changes during puberty, or more severe changes when pregnant. The actual hormone changes are unavoidable, so we should be careful when brushing to avoid, or at least minimise, damage.

Braces and dentures – Braces will cause at least some irritation when first fitted. But this should subside after a week or two. If there is still bleeding after a few weeks, there might be poorly fitted braces. Dentures that are poorly designed might cause bleeding. These will need to be modified by the dentist.

Gum Disease – This is an infection in the gum. If caught early (Gingivitis) it can be reversed and cured. But if left too long (Periodontal Disease) the infection will cause loss of bone and teeth. Unfortunately this is permanent damage.

If bacteria get into the blood stream via the gum, when they are bleeding, it can cause long term issues with heart disease and dementia. Bleeding gums today can lead to these health problems 20 years into the future.

Preventing Bleeding Gums – Oatlands Dental

As is the case with most dental problems the risk of bleeding gums can be greatly reduced with twice daily brushing and flossing. A healthy diet, plenty of water and a healthy lifestyle also reduce issue with bleeding gums.

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Bleeding gums are a sign of a dental issue. Have the matter looked after by your dentist.

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