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Benefits of Braces

Dental Dundas Braces

We tend to think of braces as the way to get straight teeth, which are more attractive. And this is quite true. But there is more here than just appearances. Teeth are straightened for functional reasons as well as aesthetic.

Dundas Dental – Improved Bite

Ideally our jaws should neatly align. The top front teeth should be slight over the bottom front teeth, and each of the side teeth on the top and bottom should neatly align.

Many people have slightly less than perfect bites, the jaws not perfectly aligning. Often this is so slight that it does not matter. But if the misalignment is too pronounced there may be problems. Misaligned teeth tend to wear very unevenly, and this can cause damaged teeth and saw jaws over time. It is best to align teeth early on, to prevent damage from occurring over time.

Cleaning Issues

If the teeth are evenly spaced and the jaws well aligned the teeth will be easier to clean; there will be few spaces for food to be trapped. This means teeth and gums, being easy to floss, will tend to be much healthier.

Dundas Dental Old Patient Braces

Braces are a rite of passage for many teens, and they benefit from the results, neat functional attractive teeth, for the rest of their adult life. But some adults also have braces, because their teeth were not satisfactorily straightened when they were younger. A few adults with crooked teeth manage to avoid braces by using Invisalign instead. But braces might be needed in situations where more complex straightening is needed. Jaw alignment, for example, will require braces rather than Invisalign.

Dental Dundas

Braces give us neat teeth that function well. We can have braces as an adult, but having braces as a teenager means we receive the benefits earlier.



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