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Avoiding Stained Teeth

Teeth can be come stained form exposure to certain foods, drinks and other substances. This should not be harmful, but it might look less than ideal.

Everybody’s teeth are a little different when it comes to stains. A few people find that almost nothing will causes staining. Most people will find they then need to avoid one or two items if they want perfectly white teeth.

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Coffee – Possibly the most widely used pick-me-up in the world. Many if us need that Monday morning coffee/caffeine hit. But coffee, especially black coffee, can stain teeth.

Part of the problem coffee directly discolouring the teeth, the other is the coffee altering the pH balance of the mouth. The altered pH leaves the teeth open to staining from other foods.

Using a straw helps reduce the effect, as does a cup with a sealed top (like a child’s sippy cup). These mean the teeth have less direct contact with the coffee. Milk and sugar-free sweeteners also help.

Candy and Confectionary – This is bad at every level, for teeth and general health. It causes tooth decay, and leaves tooth enamel prone to staining.

Soft drinks – Again, these have no health benefit. And they harm teeth by causing decay and leaving enamel prone to staining. Diet soft drinks (with no sugar) are almost as bad because of the acid.

A straw will reduce the harmful effect of soft drinks; the teeth will have less contact with the liquid. But it is better to avoid the drink altogether.

Dental Newington – Healthy but Still Harmful.

Tea – Teas can have their benefits, with green tea actually fighting bad breath and some forms of tooth decay. But teas can cause staining of teeth. Green tea can leave a dull grey stain. Black tea may leave a yellow stain.

Citrus Fruits – These are healthy, but acidic. The acid weaken tooth enamel and leaves the teeth open to staining. Drinking water after eating fruit helps.

Berries – Many berries will causes stains, at least on some people’s teeth. Drinking water, or mixing the berries with yoghurt, will greatly reduce the issue.

Red wine– The health benefits of wine have been debated for years. But the resveratrol and antioxidants so appear to be healthy.

Yet red wine can cause red stains on teeth, or in some cases a dull grey stain. Drinking water afterwards will help.

Curry – The tumeric in curry is healthy, fighting inflammation and cognitive decline. But it will cause yellow stains on teeth. Combining raw fruits and vegetables will reduce he issue.

Vinegar – Balsamic vinegar and other type will be harsh on teeth and lead to staining. As always, drinking water afterwards will reduce the harm.

Preventing Damage – Newington Dental

Sugar-free gum after meals will reduce the effects of most food and drinks. Plain water is also beneficial.
Never brush too soon after eating. This causes damage as the food and drink has softened the enamel. The softened enamel is brushed away by the toothbrush. Instead, wait 30 minutes before brushing.

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Teeth should look great and function well. Talk to us, and have the healthy mouth and smile that you deserve.


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