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A Better Smile

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Our teeth should function well and provide us with an attractive smile. These two goals tend to be roughly similar – well functioning teeth tend to look neat, though sometimes they might need a little additional help to look more attractive. As the same time any improvements in the appearance of the teeth are unlikely to affect the function.

Cosmetic Telopea Dentist

The field of improving the appearance of teeth is called cosmetic dentistry. This can range from simple improvements in colour (bleaching) to replacing whole rows of teeth.

  • Teeth can be lightened in colour or have stains removed.
  • Teeth might be too short or too long.
  • Teeth might be irregular in shape.
  • The teeth may need to be straightened.
  • There may be large gaps between teeth.
  • One of more teeth may be missing.

Braces – Newington Dental

Perhaps the single most common orthodontic treatment, braces can straighten teeth and jaws. This might be done purely for cosmetic reasons, for straight teeth look good. It can also be done to make sure the teeth function well.

Modern braces are more discreet and a little less awkward than older traditional braces.

Teeth Whitening – Dundas Dental

Teeth might be stained from the consumption of coffee and wine, or because of smoking. Or they might simply be a less than ideal colour. Teeth whitening is a fairly simple procedure, either done in office or as a custom take home kit. Results often take only an hour or two.
Unfortunately, teeth whitening can make teeth more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. But this shouldn’t be a problem unless the tooth enamel is thin.

Dentures – Telopea Dentist

Modern dentures are far better than the type of bulk device that our grandparents commonly wore. Often they just replace a missing tooth or two. These are relatively inexpensive, and cause minimal inconvenience.

Crowns and Implants – Newington Dental

A badly damaged or lost tooth can be replaced or repaired.
Crowns replace the entire outer surface of the tooth, keeping only the internal root and pulp. This is fine for a tooth that is badly damaged or misshapen. The crown looks like a real tooth.
Implants are like crowns, but replace the inside of the tooth with a metal post. These implants and crowns last for decades, requiring only regular daily brushing and cleaning.

Veneers – Dundas Dental

Instead of having a tooth crowned, replacing the entire outer surface of the tooth, we might just replace the front surface. This is a veneer, which is useful for discoloured teeth, slightly irregular teeth, or for teeth that have gaps between them.

Veneers are less expansive than crowns, and can be fitted in just two appointments.

Dundas Dental

We all deserve the best smile possible. Cosmetic dentistry can give us the teeth we have always wanted.


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