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Latter Day Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Denistone

Wisdom teeth are the back molars, the very last teeth to emerge in the mouth. Most of our permanent teeth are in place when we reach our early teens. But wisdom teeth will not emerge until we are in at least our late teens, or early twenties. In some individuals the wisdom teeth either never develop, or never emerge from the jaw.
Unfortunately wisdom teeth can cause problems. Often there is not enough room in the mouth for these extra teeth, and they either puch other teeth out of alignment, or do not full emerge from the jaw. In some cases the wisdom teeth are partly overgrown by gum, and become prone to infection because they are so difficult to clean. Often the wisdom teeth are removed.

Wisdom Teeth Rydalmere

Wisdom teeth will be removed if they are causeing problems. This is an awkward procedure, but it is often nessesary, and the discomfort will not last forever. It should take 6 to 8 weeks for the jaw to completely recover.
The main issue with wisdom teeth is lack of room in the mouth, the extra molars simply do not have enough room. we might question why the human body has such a disfunction.
Some research suggests that young human babies that chew hard food will develop slightly larger jaws. This allows slightly more room for the wisdom teeth latter on. Our culture, which tends to encourage softer food at a young age, may be inadvertantly causing problems latter on by not allowing the jaws to develop correctly.
Other research has suggested that injections in the jaw at a young age, usually for anesthetic, will prevent wisdom teeth from developing later on. This is still not fully understood, and is open to further research.

Braces Oatlands

Braces will give us straigher teeth and jaws. If we have braces as teenagers we can benefit from the improved teeth for the rest of our lives. Unfortunalty this can be compromised by the wisdom teeth, which will come though long after the braces have been removed.
If we suspect we have wisdom tooth issues we should have the situation examinded by a dentist. Immidiate treatment will prevent the emerging wisdom teeth form causing too much damage.

Invisalign Denistone

Invisalign is a way to straighten minor to moderate tooth alignment problems without braces. This is sometimes used to fix issues causes by wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Denistone

Our wisdom teeth emerge when we are young adults. Often they cause problems, and need to be attended to by the dentist.

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