Damaged tooth Carlingford Dentist

Damaged tooth Carlingford Dentist Damage of loss of a tooth in unfortunate. But there are some options for repairing and replacing a Natural tooth. In only the inside of a tooth is damaged the tooth might be preserved with a root canal. A root canal will remove the inner pulp and allow main external body […]

Wisdom Teeth

Our wisdom teeth are the last to develop. They are the third molars that appear at the back of our mouth. Our first set of teeth develop when we are about 1 year old. Our adult teeth come through by about the age of 12. But the wisdom teeth at the back of our mouth […]

A Mild Sedation

Anaesthesia can completely numb part of the body or produce unconsciousness. Some types of Anaesthesia reduce anxiety without putting the patient to sleep or relieving pain. These have been used to calm patients, particularity children, who are anxious about surgery.   In the past sedatives were given orally. They were effective provided that the right […]

Fluoride In Water

Fluoride in water has always been the subject of some controversy. Fluoride was originally added to drinking water because populations drinking naturally fluoridated water suffered fewer dental cavities. But is has been known for a while that very high levels of fluoride can compromise health. The controversy debates where the safe fluoride level lies. Treated […]

Toddler’s Cups

Toddler’s non-spill cups, sometimes known as Sippy cups, do prevent spilt drinks; however, they can also cause dental decay and injuries if not used safely.   Safe Drinking The decay issues with sugary liquids in well known; sugar reacts with the bacteria in the mouth and steadily damages teeth. Sippy cups make this problem worse. […]

Oral Heath and Strokes

The last generation has seen many links drawn between oral hygiene and other health issues. The connection between dental plaque and heart disease is probably the most publicized example, though it is now believed that 90% of all health issues have some connection to our teeth, gums and mouth. Sometimes this connection is an initial […]

Enzyme Modified Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has received a lot of press over the past few years. It was considered a bad food for several generations due to the high level of saturated fat. But recently this has been questioned due to the possibility that not all saturated fats are unhealthy.   Many of the uses of coconut oil […]


Preventative dentistry looks to treat teeth and gums so that problems don’t develop. This may now be extended so that problems are revered when first detected, prevent the need for expensive and awkward treatments.   It has been knows for a while that the outer surface of a tooth can re-calcify when kept clean and […]

Some Brushing Ideas

The basic brushing instructions we were given in school taught us to brush in small circles or back and forth. Some believe a modified method is better. For the outside of the teeth the brush should be horizontal with the bristles angles up to 45 degrees. Brush in small circles and flick the brush downward […]

Technology Applied to Teeth

When a new form of technology becomes common in society many different people find many different ways to apply it. Some recent examples that apply to dentistry include;   3-D Printing There have been more than a few medical applications for 3-D printing; it has been used to print body organs. Dental researchers have used […]